Ayurveda at Himalaya

Ayurveda or the ‘Science of Life’ is an ancient, holistic system for diagnosis and treatment, perhaps the oldest system of medicine known to humanity. Fundamental to ayurveda is the use of well-balanced combinations of plants and other agents in synergistic formulas.

At Himalaya, we have pioneered the use of modern science to rediscover and validate Ayurveda’s secrets. We employ cutting edge research to create pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products. Natural, effective and safe, these products have helped thousands of people live healthier, richer lives. Our focus is on wellness; on helping people get healthy and stay healthy.

At Himalaya, research begins with raw herbs chosen from traditional texts and from observations and experiences of indigenous plants. Our team of herbalists study texts, both traditional and scientific, exhaustively for relevant data. A few herbs of promising activity are short-listed. Polyherbal formulations of these short-listed herbs are made in order to provide a wider scope of pharmacological and cosmetic activity. Multicentered, double-blind trials according to WHO criteria further assist in scientifically validating the formulations.

Today, the company has created a state-of-the art Research and Development facility
at Bengaluru, that is one of the best available, for traditional medicine anywhere in the world. Over 40 qualified doctors and scientists are constantly at work, developing and evaluating new drugs and therapies.

In the 1930’s, Himalaya developed a pioneering experimental herb farm, which grew rare endangered herbs for commercial use. The company today has in addition to this an unparalleled database of dedicated herb suppliers, an herbarium, an agrotech division and a nursery. The standardization of herbal medicine is a more daunting challenge than the processes used for allopathic medicine. The tabletting of ayurvedic medicine is more arduous, with multiple granulating, processing and coating variables. Today, Himalaya’s manufacturing unit has the largest coating capacity in Asia.
Researching ayurveda and capturing its benefits in formulations, has been the hallmark of ayurveda at Himalaya. Using modern research methodology and manufacturing practice, Himalaya has made available to people all over the world, an alternate method of treatment, which has no known side effects.